1 hr Journey $75 /

House Clearing $100

A cohesive blend of meditation styles, using a combination of traditional meditation techniques.  Blending mindfulness & Metta (Loving-Kindness) along with Pranayama (Breathwork), I aim to assist clients in achieving deep states of deep relaxation & clarity. Yoga Nidra is also a great beginners meditation technique. All sessions begin with a short interview to determine issues of importance or concerns. Likewise, all sesions end with brief discussion & intention setting for times ahead. 


CHAKRA BALANCING & PRANIC ALIGNMENT: Specialized meditation in which we can focus on the Energetic body system, pinpoint any blockages or excess energy centres & heal on site. May incorporate the use of instruments like the healing Quart Crystal bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, Tingshaw cymbals or Gong. I suggest & assist to set long-term intentions for best results or incorporate a Sadhana (routine for self-improvement).


ENERGETIC HOUSE CLEARING: This is ideal for those newly relocated, to clear past energies from your new space. Alternately if you have experienced an event which has left your or your loved ones unsettled, this can be a great option to star anew. I use Himalayan bowl, Tingshaw cymbal, voice & Smudging to clear the area of any negative or undesirable energy, then using traditional Native techniques to invite only the sweet kind spirits to rejoin. 



Holding sacred space for you to explore your hidden truth.

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