Past Life Regression

2hrs Private Journey - Personal Investment $222

Past Life Regression is a therapeutic modality which calls upon memories or images of past experiences. This journey can provide insight and helps to reframe current attitude patterns and limiting belief structures, Ultimately altering stagnant habits of behavior and liberating new ways of being. Connect with your highest self to align with your greatest potential. Sever unhealthy energetic ties and release trapped Karma. Genetic and ancestral rivers can be accessed for deep healing as well as inner child work... or just see what you might have been up to in a previous lifetime!


These guided explorations into the subconscious are extremely unique sessions. Sound Healing instruments are incorporated to assist with accessing an alerted state as well as energetic clearing. Included in this timeline: Introductory chat and intention setting, the journey itself, final reflection and integration. We can meet at a neutral studio space, from the comfort of your home or online Zoom sessions, all you need is a secure internet connection.


What you receive:

- Personally recorded meditation prior to our session for your practice

- Introductory Intention setting discussion

- The interdimensional journey itself

- Integration chat immediately following your session

- Access to the recorded session as well as my handwritten notes