Words of Loving-Kindness from students & co-workers

"I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for how much your healing has helped me over the last month. I have had an issue with alcohol for the past 7 years ever since my sister passed away, and up until the healing last month I cannot think of a time where I have gone without a drink for more than a day or two... I am happy to say that I am now 29 days alcohol free and it has been so easy, I have even been in the company of others drinking and it is like all memory of drinking has been wiped from my life. I cannot put into words how much this means to me, thank you so much!"

Bruce on Sound Healing

Southland, New Zealand

"I found this experience on of the most powerful I have had.. The session has lead to a much improved lockdown... It has opened up spaces in my mind that seemed to be blocked and helped shut other noises out."

Gareth on Past Life Regression

Otago, New Zealand

"My journey is long and very gradual, but to be honest I was at the dr the morning of the sound healing. Overwhelm, depressive thoughts, hopelessness and I couldn't see a way forward etc and was generally so stuck... In the sound healing I had a very powerful release from my body and then I cried. I also had some really strong messages. I woke up the next day with none of those thoughts! An eating disorder which has plagued me for 20 years is pretty much gone... I would be interested in doing more work with you."


Kendall on Sound Healing

Southland, New Zealand

"Yesterday I saw a friend of mine, she picked up straight away that something was different.. a confidence and peace that I haven't had before. Your work is having a profound effect on my life, I notice I react to others differently now."

Fiona on Past Life Regression

Otago, New Zealand

“Taking Brittany's class was like being transported to a Yoga retreat, she is the real deal. She has great energy and she's so passionate about Yoga & utilizing healing sounds.”

Connie Travisano Colon on  Yoga & Sound Healing

Childerens' Author, Florida

“Slow deliberate vocalization guided me into a beautiful safe space, you have a talent for sharing & creating gentle loving kindness. Your knowledge of yoga asana, anatomy & the blending of sound through your musical instruments is a real talent.”

Raquel Kamali Neurburger on Yoga & Sound Healing

Caregiver & Healer, Florida